Why They Should Make True Lies 2


I have been an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan my entire life. I have enjoyed his action movies, his physical commitment to his roles and most of his comedies. But, there is an epic movie of his that combines both the action and the comedy and the result was one of my favorite movies: “True Lies.” Directed by James Cameron, the film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Arnold, Bill Paxton, Tia Carrere, a young Eliza Dushku and even Charlton Heston!

Here we have action — super action — and comedy. It has spectacular stunts and shootouts and then it turns around and gives you laugh-your-head-off moments.

Most of its comedic success can be attributed to Bill Paxton and Tom Arnold, who come in and take our invincible action star (Schwarzenegger) into a roller-coaster of emotions – hate, anger, jealousy, and even fear – emotions he perhaps had no experience in dealing with before. But what he did have experience in was kicking butt … and saving the world.

Several of the stars of the movie – such as Tom Arnold, Jamie Lee Curtis and, most recently, Schwarzenegger — have mentioned interest in a sequel to the film. But their schedules and Arnold’s political career had been a brick wall for the project. All that seems like it’s not a problem anymore, and just when we thought a “True Lies 2” movie could finally come our way, another wrench was thrown into this well-oiled machine: its director, James Cameron.

He most recently has expressed interest in only focusing on his “Avatar” movies for the next decade or so. What does this mean for a “True Lies 2?” Most likely it means the film will never happen, but in a radio interview I just heard with Tom Arnold on the “Paul and Young Ron” morning radio show, Arnold explained another director might be willing to take over the sequel and has expressed interest: Bill Paxton. The actor has already directed various movies like the dark “Frailty” and “The Greatest Game Ever Played.” Could Cameron pass the torch to the talented and committed star to direct this sequel?

Personally, I would love to see this fantastic group of actors work together in any movie. I really felt they shined and they impressed me. I still watch “True Lies” periodically and if it’s playing on TV, I will usually not change the channel.

I would also like to see where these characters I have come to love are at this point in their lives — since the schemes of Bill Paxton’s character, Simon, where exposed, and Arnold and his movie wife, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, are now living free of the lies. Also, the daughter of this super agent must grow up to be talented as well, I would think, and since her character is played by the beloved Eliza Dushku, she would definitely not stray away from action.

What do you think? Would a sequel to “True Lies” be something to cheer about in your opinion?

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  1. silver #

    I would be first in line!

  2. True Lies Fan #

    I totally agree. I would love to see this!