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Review: The Colony

— by RON WILKINSON — Emerging film-maker Jeff Renfroe tried hard on this slightly modified zombie flick, with good results for an emerging film maker. But the film is still inexcusably derivative and has little to recommend it over a thousand other thriller monster movies. The best thing[...]

Why They Should Make True Lies 2

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — I have been an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan my entire life. I have enjoyed his action movies, his physical commitment to his roles and most of his comedies. But, there is an epic movie of his that combines both the action and the comedy and the result was one of my [&he[...]

Bill Paxton Featured in One-of-a-Kind Pinball Machine

— by CAM SMITH — I consider myself to be a fairly enthusiastic supporter of Bill Paxton and his quirky cinematic oeuvre. He’s insanely fun in pop-corn classics such as “Weird Science,” “True Lies” and “Near Dark,” and genuinely compelling and powerful in more serious fare l[...]