Why They Should Re-Make ‘Enter the Dragon’


The ’70s gave us so many cinematic treasures that it is impossible to list them all. Movies, such as “The Godfather,” “Jaws” and “Star Wars” to simply mention a few. One movie of world-wide fame, and a ’70s favorite, is “Enter the Dragon.” This martial arts classic was the last movie Bruce Lee was able to film in its entirety (since he didn’t finish filming “Game of Death”).

With “Enter the Dragon,” Bruce Lee had America’s attention, and the revolutionary movie was a huge success, grossing an estimated $25,000,000 in North America, and an estimated $90,000,000 worldwide, this is huge even for today’s standards.

Since “Enter the Dragon,” there have been hundreds of movies dealing with fighting competitions. Some were successful and some weren’t. Many were straight to cable or DVD movies. But, at the time of “Enter the Dragon,” it was a fresh and exciting idea. And what an impact it caused. People wanted to learn Martial Arts, and wear the karate shoes, and have the movie posters. Yes, people wanted to buy and read Bruce Lee’s books. Unfortunately, Lee died shortly after that. It is appropriate that in 2004, the film was deemed “culturally significant” by the Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry.

So why then do I feel they should re-make “Enter the Dragon“?

Fighting movies have never lost popularity. Sometimes, there has been a gap of time between them, but it is usually while we wait around for someone to add something new and fresh to it. For example, after “Enter the Dragon,” martial arts movies became popular, but often repetitive and eventually they flat-lined. A few years went by, but then — I believe around 1984 — martial arts movies flourished once again. With the success of the crane-kicking Karate Kid, they were on top once more.

In 1985, we saw the rise of the “American Ninja,” “The Last Dragon” (very Bruce Lee related) and “No Retreat, No Surrender” (Jean-Claude Van Damme’s first movie appearance, but not as the lead). Then, 1986 brought us “Big Trouble in Little China,” and “The Karate Kid Part II.”

In ’88, two Martial Arts revolutionaries figures got their big breaks — Steven Seagal and Van Damme. Their movies, “Bloodsport” and “Above the Law,” got everyone’s interest and attention. They followed those with one hit after another for years many years. But again, the excitement faded, and a few years went by without North America feeling Asia’s influence.

Until one man brought it back … Jackie Chan. With his stylistic and choreographed, stunt-filled fighting style, people were rushing to watch his new movies, and trying to catch up on his old ones from Hong Kong (at least I did). Martial Arts has since then remained a great part of our society and movies. Many Martial Arts experts became “actors,” and many actors learned Martial Arts. The list of popular Martial Arts actors has grown with Jet Li, Tony Jaa, Michelle Yeoh, Mark Dacascos and many others.

With the recent success of the new “Karate Kid” movie, and other movies like “Never Back Down” and “Fighting,” fighting movies have proven to be popular and still have an audience.

If done correctly, I feel it could be a fresh idea once again. An “Enter the Dragon” remake could be their opportunity to bring in the big guns of martial arts a-la “The Expendables.” They could get Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Mark Dacascos, Tony Jaa, and even Steven Seagal. They could also introduce a new character. Someone out there that is talented and unique, and is just waiting to be discovered.

This unknown could play the role that Bruce Lee played in his version. And since “Enter the Dragon” was also known as “The Big Three” in other countries, perhaps they can get three of today’s top three Martial Arts actors involved. I would be very excited for this, and feel that that I am not alone.

What do you think of an “Enter the Dragon” remake? Agree, disagree? Let it all out in our comment section.

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  1. mg #

    I like it but I feel it would be more appropriate to remake Game of Death.And make it right this time.In the movie,the star has to battle different levels of fighters with different and unique fighting styles.The idea being like yours.Getting an established action star to represent each fighting style.He could tear up a level doing crazy stunts against Jackie Chan.Fight someone who does amazing kicks(JCVD maybe,although I don’t think he’d take a role where he wasn’t the main attraction).Jet Li with sword.Maybe even have Donnie Yen incorporate a MMA-style martial arts like he did in Flashpoint.And,this part sounds stupid but it would pay homage to the original,maybe having Shaq represent the top level,replacing Kareem Abdul-Jabar from the original.Ideally,an unknown would play the lead.Its a different version of your idea,but Game of Death lends itself to involving more martial art styles imo.

  2. bigge3021 #

    Great job on the article, Josue. But I’m not a big fan of remaking the classic “Enter the Dragon” because to me what makes this movie so special was Bruce Lee. Maybe I’m wrong and the actor that plays the role that Bruce Lee played “might” change my mind but for now I just want to see a “new” Martial Arts movie than a remake. =)

  3. Tatertodd #

    A remake of this film would be a completely ridiculous. For one, I am sick of all the horrible remakes, if you like the movie, um, yeah, watch the original! This last so called remake of Karate Kid was totally retarded, if they just wanted a black kid in there, they could have called it Kung Fu Kid. The only reason Enter The Dragon is a great film is Bruce Lee, and that is the ONLY reason. Watch the remake, it will be a waste and spudder at the box office.

  4. Raven #

    I would love to see another Enter the Dragon movie. one of my all time favorite movie.

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