Will The Bride Return To Kill Again?


Yes, it is official (kind of). “Kill Bill, Vol. 3” is coming out (possibly).

Quentin Tarantino stated at the Morelia Film Festival in Mexico recently that he wanted to make the movie: “I wanted to give Uma Thurman’s central character and her daughter Beebe 10 years of peace before the next bloody installment.”

This would push the project to 2014. But there are definitely some questions.

The main question is: What the heck will this movie be about?

Well, I guess this is a spoiler but I can assume anyone with half a brain could figure this one out — she killed Bill at the end of Vol. 2. So therein lies a problem.

Plus, David Caradine (who played Bill) has died, so it really still can’t be anything about Bill. Some have speculated that it will be Vernita Green’s (played by Vivica A. Fox) daughter seeking revenge against the bride for killing her mother in Kill Bill Vol. 1. But if they do put a plot like that, will they change the name?

Also, she can’t go against the rest of the assassins because, well you guessed it, she killed them too.

So this leaves a lot of open room to what this movie could be about. I have a question of my own: Will this film be more like “Kill Bill, Vol. 1” or “Kill Bill, Vol. 2,” because I think they are very different movies.

“Kill Bill, Vol. 1” was more of a violent kung-fu movie, where “Vol. 2” was more like a Tarantino movie. When I say more like a Tarantino movie, I mean great dialogue, not much violence, more thought-out plot and characters, and probably the best fight scenes ever (all ending abruptly with an anti-climatic ending).

Well, no matter what happens, I am happy that this film is coming out (maybe). Tarantino has also stated that he is thinking about either making a Western or a ’20s or ’30s gangster film, possibly about Pretty Boy Floyd, but that would come probably after “Kill Bill, Vol. 3.”

I personally would like to see the gangster film, because “Inglorious Basterds” felt a little like a western. I would love to see Tarantino’s take on a new kind of genre.

So will The Bride Kill Bill again? Will her daughter become an assassin? Will Vernita Green’s daughter get revenge? We will have to wait to see (if …).

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  1. Kat #

    I can’t wait to see this!