A Trio of New Images from ‘Green Lantern’


With its date of release nudging its head around the corner, “Green Lantern” is starting to receive more positive press than ever before. As the latest DC Comics super hero movie is gearing up for its world-wide release, Warner Bros. has released three more stills from the film.

In the first still, we see Hal Jordan [Ryan Reynolds] wielding a machine gun thought up in his mind and created by the ring. He is on the Planet Oa and fighting some unknown threat with the Green Lantern’s burst of light shooting from the meeting cavern in the background.

The second still is Hal Jordan standing amongst the other Lanterns of the universes. It seems they are all looking up at Sinestro — as we saw in the most recent movie trailer released at this year’s Wonder Con. In the scene, Sinestro is addressing the Lanterns to let them know of the most recent death of their own, Abin Sur.

The third still also is from a scene in the trailer. It is the moment when Hal arrives on Oa and is welcomed by Tomar-Re. He is informed that he the first human Green Lantern to be recruited into the Corps.

The studio is not pulling any punches when it comes to promotional publicity of the film. Fans have been awaiting the release of this movie since the news first broke it was green lit [no pun intended]. Based on the promotional posters, promotional stills and latest trailer alone their wait was not in vain.

“Green Lantern” flies into theaters world-wide June 17.

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  1. Jen #

    They’ve already sold me on the movie.