Trailer Talk: ‘Stake Land’


I have always wondered what would be worse than being hunted by zombies. The thought of being eaten alive is just too awful to think about. They seem to be fairly mindless though and you should be able to outsmart them. Now comes “Stake Land,” where there is an epidemic of vampires are hunting and killing people. This would seem to be more terrifying as vampires tend to be more devious.

In this film, a young boy (played by Connor Paolo), whose family is killed finds himself under the tutelage of a hunter (Nick Damici) who now hunts the undead. As they head north to find a safe place, they pick up fellow survivors including a nun (Kelly McGillis) who has is questioning her faith as her followers have turned into vampires. The group moves carefully northward as they try to avoid any major cities that have been taken over by The Brethren, a militia group led by Jebidiah Loven (Michael Cerveris) where he and his group see the plague as the Lord’s work.

As I see it, vampires would be the superior hunters, but at least you could move around in the daytime to get supplies and to try to move forward. But at night, it would be terrifying and this film seems like it is going to accentuate all the edge of your seat frights.

Also starring Danielle Harris, “Stake Land” opens June 17.

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  1. Adam P #

    So it’s Zombieland, but with vampires and no humor?