Trailer Talk: ‘Warrior’


In light of the success of “The Fighter,” it’s no surprise more sports and boxing movies will be heading our way, especially if they are based on true stories, or can be motivational.

After watching the trailer (below) for “Warrior,” it seems we have another feel-good-in-the-end story. And if this cast manages to pull of what this trailer conveys, we might have another winner.

In “Warrior,” Tom Conlon (Tom Hardy), the youngest son of the former boxer Paddy Conlon (Nick Nolte), returns home from the war, only to find everything is not how he left it. And despite not wanting to return to the fighting lifestyle, he’s forced to have to be trained by his father for competition in a mixed martial arts tournament — a path that puts the fighter on a collision corner with his older brother, Brendan Conlono (Joel Edgerton of “Star Wars: Episodes II and III”).”

Jennifer Morrison (“Star Trek”) plays Tess Conlon, and she seems to have a big part in the movie. Now, I hope I’m not the first to mention this, but this movie reminds me of “Rocky.” The only difference is it’s the MMA style of fighting instead of boxing. But, being compared to “Rocky” is a good thing, and if it can deliver the same kind of underdog, comeback, full-of-heart dynamic in those movies, I think it will definitely be highly enjoyable.

“Warrior” will fight its way into theaters on Sept. 9.

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