Arnold is back to the Terminator franchise


As you read this, there is a battle going on over “The Terminator.” Not between futuristic robots or cyborgs, but by huge production companies like Universal, Sony and Lionsgate.

There is a sudden renewed interest for “The Terminator” franchise, especially now that Arnold Schwarzenegger has expressed interest in the series. Heck, it’s more than interest, he’s “onboard” for a return to his most famous role, Deadline reports.

Since his term as governor concluded, it has been no secret he is returning to acting. And, apparently, he has been reading scripts and brainstorming on what where to start. But, besides the animated “Governator,” we now know where his heart is.

Though we don’t know at this time what involvement he will have with the movie, it does set up a great deal of questions about his return. Will he play a human or a cyborg? Will they rejuvenate him with CGI? Will he be the lead in the movie? Will it be “Terminator 5,” or is this one of the popular re-boot treatments some movies are getting?

We do know Justin Lin (“Fast Five”) is attached to direct the the movie, but other than that, no screenwriters or even production company has been announced.

What do you think? Is this good news, great news? Or are you on the wall about it?

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  1. Lynn Tackitt #

    It would be great to Arnold back on the screen. Wonder if he will hit the gym as hard as Sly has. Be great to see him back in top form.

  2. Adam P #

    Well as long as it goes as a part of the new terminator franchise with Christian Bale, then I am ok with it. If they are planning another reboot then I’m not on board.

  3. Hal9000 #

    I don’t really care about another Terminator movie but at least there’s little chance this could be worse than Terminator Salvation.

  4. Kat #

    I am excited for this!

  5. striker #

    If you are a fan or not Terminator has proven to be one of the best movie series in history. If Schwarzenegger is involved it will be good. He has proven his acting draw through box office receipts. His drive and determination even at his age does not seem to be waining.

  6. Dretch #

    Arnold’s presence hardly saved Terminator 3.

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