Brett Ratner to Produce The Oscars


So, Brett Ratner will produce the Oscars and Jackie Chan will host. Okay, okay, the latter part isn’t true. However, the former is and the choice is a bit perplexing.

In news from left field, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences announced Brett Ratner and Don Mischer will produce the 84th Academy Award telecast This will be Mischer’s second time at this, but as for Ratner, this of course will be his first – and hopefully his last.

What’s that? Sour grapes? Why yes, yes it is. Ratner’s been dead to me since he made a mess of X-Men and I do not believe his involvement will improve upon last year’s fiasco. I suppose he can’t do any worse. Even still, it seems the Academy’s president, Tom Sherak, fails to realize catering to a younger audience is not such a good idea.

One can only hope Sherak can convince the likes of the accomplished Billy Crystal to host as a means to offset this decision. Otherwise, we may indeed be stuck with Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. Not that I dislike the duo. I mean, who didn’t enjoy “Rush Hour,” but the Oscars are certainly not The Golden Globes.

To quote a rather enthusiastic Sherak, here is what he had to say about Ratner:

    The bottom line is that, after two years, I wanted it to be out of the box. This town is filled with opinion. And I listen to all of it. I had Mischer, who did it once already, and that gives me continuity. But I’m a huge fan of Brett Ratner’s even before he was BRETT RATNER.

I’m scared.

At any rate, like most of you I will watch the train wreck. Whether or not I get through the program in its entirety is a different story all together.

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  1. 1

    Ummmmm, this news is just…..yeah. I have no words.

  2. 2

    Yeah well I guess we will have to wait and see. Last years show was horrific, besides the randomness of it James Franco was just not entertaining at all.

  3. Jackson #

    Brett Ratner didn’t make a mess of X3. 20th Century Fox did. Heck, Ratner didn’t even come aboard until pre-production was almost done. He was just a gun for hire.

  4. Sherice Antoinette #

    I disagree with you Jackson. Here’s a quote from Ratner himself regarding fan backlash.

    “I kind of made rules for myself,” Ratner said about “X-Men 3.” “I said to the writers that I only want to put scenes in this movie that exist from actual comic books. That way I protect myself [from rabid fans]. Even though I protect myself they’re still saying, ‘Why the f*ck did [he] kill Professor X?’ He died in five different comic books and came back! People are crazy.”

    He continued: “You can’t make these people happy. I’m kind of the Anti-Christ to these comic book geeks. Every single person that wrote sh*t went to see that movie multiple times, because a movie doesn’t gross $200 something million unless people go to see it more than once. Every single person who said, ‘I’m never seeing that movie,’ they were the first ones there.”

    So yeah, he made a mess of X3 and because fans went to watch the film in droves, he believes the choices were sound.

    Let us not forget the swipe he made at Vaughn when he tweeted opening weekend results of X3 (Which made more) and X-Men: First Class. That was douchery at its finest.