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Dwayne Johnson Wanted for Hercules

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — Here’s some interesting news that will probably get Dwayne Johnson fans excited. MGM wants The Rock for the upcoming “Hercules” movie project. The studio has already secured Brett Ratner (“Tower Heist” and the “Rush Hour” fil[...]

‘Tower Heist’ Blu-ray Combo Pack Arrives Feb. 21

A wealthy Wall Street swindler gets his just desserts at the hands of the employees he stiffed in “Tower Heist,” coming to Blu-ray Combo-Pack with UltraVioletTM, as well as DVD, Digital Download and On Demand Feb. 21 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy[...]

Eight Clips from ‘Tower Heist’

— by ADAM POYNTER — Comedy can be a tricky thing, especially when it comes to an ensemble cast. The task of bringing the laughs is even more complicated when you take the harsh language out of it and go for a lesser than R rating. A new comedy getting ready to be released in […][...]

Under Review: ‘Tower Heist’

— by JESSIKA OWENS — Heist movies are some of the most fun and creative films that make it mainstream; that’s just how it’s been for as long as Hollywood has made them. I find it fascinating to see what writers come up with when it comes to these types of films, so naturally [...]

Eddie Murphy to Host 84th Academy Awards

— by SEAN GERSKI — If I sat down and thought of who I wanted to host the Oscars, I don’t think Eddie Murphy would have popped into my mind. However, once I heard he was the front-runner for the post, I was actually rooting for him to get it. If he’s on his game, […][...]

Brett Ratner to Produce The Oscars

— by SHERICE ANTOINETTE — So, Brett Ratner will produce the Oscars and Jackie Chan will host. Okay, okay, the latter part isn’t true. However, the former is and the choice is a bit perplexing. In news from left field, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences announced Brett Rat[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Tower Heist’

— by CHERRY BELL DAMASCO-FARRINGTON — In a swanky high rise in New York City, with a highly-advanced security system, a rag tag group staff members conspire to steal $20 million and get payback from the man that defrauded them and stole their retirement funds. Ben Stiller is Josh Kovaks,[...]

Review: New York, I Love You

— by ALEXA MILAN — Though I’ve never seen “Paris, Je T’aime,” an anthology of French short films that focuses on finding love and connection in Paris, I’d heard such good things about it that I was excited to see an American version, “New York, I Love You.” While some of[...]