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The Top 5 Actresses to Watch in 2011

— by ALEXA MILAN — A few weeks ago, I shared my picks for the top five actresses of 2010. It may be early in 2011, but this year’s leading ladies are already starting to emerge. Below are my picks for the top five actresses to watch in 2011. You might recognize a few names [&hellip[...]

The Top 5 Choices to Play Lois Lane

— by SHERICE ANTOINETTE — The new Superman movie has a director (Zack Snyder) and a leading man (Henry Cavill). Now, it needs a leading lady. With news of Kristen Stewart being on the shortlist of actresses for the Lois Lane, I present my list of favorites in the hopes some studio exec w[...]

The Top 5 Oscars Snubs (2011)

— by ALEXA MILAN — Most of the 2011 Oscar nominations that were announced last Tuesday were fairly predictable, but as always, there were several notable names missing from the list. Here are my picks to this year’s top five Oscar snubs:[...]

The Top 5 Choices to Play Wonder Woman

— by SHERICE ANTOINETTE — NBC has picked up David E. Kelley’s “Wonder Woman” TV Series (you can read more about the show, including plot details, HERE). Now that we have that out of the way, here comes the tougher question — who should play the Amazonian Princess?[...]

The Top 5 Actors of 2010

— by ALEXA MILAN — As 2010 turns to 2011, it’s that time of year for the year-end entertainment countdowns. Earlier this week I offered my picks for The Top 5 Actresses of 2010, and now I’ve compiled a list of the top give actors. These aren’t necessarily the best performances of 2[...]

The Top 5 Films from 2010 You May Have Missed

— by H.G. WATSON — While navigating the mega-blockbusters that fill cineplexes all year, it’s probable that you missed the films that never make it to the big theatres, or that only get shown on one screen for two weeks. It’s sad indeed knowing that there are many excellent movies th[...]

The Top 5 Actresses of 2010

— by ALEXA MILAN — It’s that time of year again. As entertainment news for 2010 winds down, the best of lists are starting to emerge – best movies, best performances, best scenes. Below is my list of the top 5 actresses of 2010. Keep in mind these aren’t necessarily the best perfor[...]

The Top 5 Golden Globes Mistakes This Year

— by ALEXA MILAN — And so it begins — the annual awards season frenzy. From the Critics Choice Awards to the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, films are tallying each nomination they receive in hopes of ultimately achieving Oscar gold. The Golden Globes are no doubt one of the sig[...]

The Top 5 Greatest Train Thrillers

— by CAM SMITH — As film history junkies may recall, the train famously ushered in the cinematic age in 1896 when Auguste and Louis Lumière legendarily terrified an unwitting audience with one-minute of footage, titled “L’arrivée d’un train à La Ciotat,” depicting a lo[...]

The Top 5 ‘Star Wars’ Scenes We Need to See in 3D

— by CHRIS HYATT — George Lucas has announced that he’s re-releasing all six “Star Wars” films in 3D. Financially, it is an excellent idea to take advantage of the 3D craze. Artistically, it’s a wash in my opinion. To be completely honest, I’m not a Lucas fa[...]

The Top 5 Most Read Stories of Our First Year

— by SEAN GERSKI — I know it almost feels like I am obligated to say the following, but that doesn’t make it any less true: I can’t believe it has been a year since It’s Just Movies went public. It has quite honestly flown by. Sept. 22 was the first day we let the [&hel[...]

The Top 5 Most Anticipated Movies of Fall 2010

— by ALEXA MILAN — It’s that time of year again — fall blockbusters, Oscar hopefuls and the so-so films leading up to them. Summer 2010 has amounted to a rather weak tentpole season for movies, so I was initially a little worried the same would be true of the fall. But after [...]

The Top Five James Bond Moments

— by CHRIS HYATT — It looks like with the impending sale of MGM Studios, and Daniel Craig’s busy shooting schedule, it looks like James Bond will not return until late 2011 or even potentially 2012. Until then, let’s take a trip down memory lane, and look at five of the best [...]

Top 5 Reasons it’s OK to skip Comic-Con

— by ALLISON HIGGINBOTHAM — It’s a big weekend for everybody in the film, television, comic book and book world. Basically, if it can be called entertainment, it will try to be represented at Comic-Con. Unfortunately, either because it was sold out or you just didn’t have the money, [...]