Film-Makers Must Remember What Makes Superman Such a Classic


I’d like to start this off by saying I’ve loved Superman since I was a little girl … yes, a little girl. Superman is one of those rare superheroes that not only grabs the attention of little boys, but of little girls as well. And this in large part is due to the fact that he’s not only an action hero but a romantic one as well. So when I say I’m already inclined to love anything having to do with Superman, well I’m not just playing lip service.

From the movies to the TV shows — live action and animated — and, of course, the comics, I have been absorbing everything Superman related as far back as I can remember. So when I hear statements along the lines of needing to make Superman more current, and keep him “alive,” I can’t help but wonder who exactly this movie is being made for.

Superman is alive and well in the hearts of many. He’s not just an American favorite, but an international one as well. Show anyone, anywhere, that famous \S/ and they’ll recognize it means Superman!

Now, I can agree that everyone might not know all of the exact details of how he came to Smallville, or the names of his parents, but I bet they know who Lois Lane is the love of his life. And they’ll know he has super powers and fights for truth and justice. So again I ask, whom exactly is this new movie being made or tailored for?

I want to have faith in the upcoming film. I want to love Henry Cavill and Amy Adams as Superman and Lois Lane. The key phrase, of course, being “I want to.” But I’ll admit that a lot of the blame falls on “Superman Returns.” It didn’t exactly leave me with great hope for how my beloved Superman will fair in the movies once again. I am aware that it takes a combination of many things to make a movie great or awful — actor chemistry, the script and especially the direction. I also understand that studios need to make money and this means they need to make a movie with mass appeal.

But I’ve seen all of Snyder’s movies and while at the very least I’ve found them pretty (“Sucker Punch”) and the very best I’ve loved every moment (“300”), I can only hope he realizes that there is no superhero with greater mass appeal than Superman. He’s well known and well loved. So, yes, make it action packed … yes, make it beautiful to look at … but don’t forget what’s at the heart of why Superman has endured for over 70 years, and that is, well … HEART!

And yes, this is my opinion, so by all means tell me yours. Should the film-makers play up what has made Superman such a classic for so many years or is it time for a makeover?

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    Well stated. I hope this new version does it right. I don’t know what to make of Snyder but I hope he does this character justice.

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    thanks for commenting =)