Five Clips from ‘The Warrior’s Way’


Before I start, I just want to say that the extraordinary filming, and the novel way to reinterpret two classically overdone plots aside, this movie had me at “Ninjas? Damn…” For the first time this year, I can safely say this movie looks good enough to spend $9 on in theaters.

When ninjas all of the sudden appear like they all de-cloaked simultaneously, and then jump to do some killing in formation, you know it’s about to get good. Real good.

In this clip, the Sad Flutes (and by the way, really? Sad Flutes? What kind of name is that?) realize that they may have potentially screwed with the wrong person. I hope Frank Miller and Quentin Tarentino had something to do with this, because this is nothing short of pure awesome.

I am not at all the world’s biggest fan of Kate Bosworth. Five minutes of “Blue Crush” pretty much soured me on her for a while. However, this scene with Dong-gun Jang definitely goes a long way to rectifying that. Also, I want to shake the hand of the man or woman responsible for the fight choreography, because this scene was VERY well executed.

At first, this scene looks extremely boring. All I’m going to do to set this up is to preemptively answer the one question you’ll be asking yourself at the end: No, I have absolutely no clue how he did that, or where.

If this scene hadn’t been cut short, I’m convinced this would have been the hardest scene of the movie. The “bring it” is pretty well understood, and was very subtly expressed.

Look for “The Warrior’s Way” — starring Kate Bosworth, Dong-gun Jang, Geoffrey Rush, Danny Huston and Tony Cox — to hit theaters Dec. 3.

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  1. Mo GB #

    Kate Bosworth sure is pretty to look at.