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Two Clips from ‘Straw Dogs’

— by CHERRY BELL DAMASCO-FARRINGTON — We’ve seen James Marsden and Kate Bosworth together before in another remake/attempt at a reboot of a franchise (“Superman Returns”) and they have teamed up once again for the remake of a 1971 psychological thriller that starred Dus[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Straw Dogs’

— by ALLISON HIGGINBOTHAM — When the “Straw Dogs” remake was first announced, there were a lot of mutterings about how unnecessary such a remake would be. The original “Straw Dogs,” after all, was a great film that explored ideas of masculinity, violence and nationality (for lack[...]

Five Clips from ‘The Warrior’s Way’

— by CHRIS HYATT — Before I start, I just want to say that the extraordinary filming, and the novel way to reinterpret two classically overdone plots aside, this movie had me at “Ninjas? Damn…” For the first time this year, I can safely say this movie looks good enough [...]