Is the ‘Jurassic Park’ Franchise Extinct?


Could the stars be lining themselves up for a possible third “Jurassic Park” sequel? Well, if director Joe Johnston has anything to say about it, it could be happening as soon has he wraps up his duties on “Captain America: The First Avenger,” as he has mentioned in various interviews.

But perhaps not all of the actual stars of the original feel the same way. When MTV asked Sam Neill about the possibility of another movie, his reply was not exactly a positive one.

“I think we’ve told the story,” he said. “I think it’s done.” Neill then added, “I’ll tell you what — if Michael Crichton time travels, writes the book [and] Stan [Winston] time travels, [and] reanimates dinosaurs, then absolutely.”

Unfortunately, both Michael Crichton and Stan Winston, who are responsible for the story and the effects of the “Jurassic Park” movies respectively, have passed away. Does that mean Neill is not interested at all or does it mean if the right story comes around, he would re-think it? In a few months, you will be able to see Sam Neill in new TV show called “Alcatraz.” But if you want him on the big screen, playing the part of famed paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant, that’s going to be a long shot.

The only hope for fans of the franchise is for the optimistic Joe Johnston to convince Neill to come back. Otherwise, Johnston could completely take the franchise in another direction without Neill being a part of it. And according to some interviews, this may be Johnston’s plan.

What do you think? Do you want a “Jurassic Park” reboot or a sequel or do you think the franchise has run its course?

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  1. Jackson #

    We got one great movie and two disappointments. Let it die. No one needs it, no one, outside of the most imagination-deprived fanboy, wants one.

  2. moviefan #

    it will probably be years to we see another jp film. i definately would like to see another one. if its a good story that is. but i do recall that producers marshall/kennedy saying when jp original author died the other yr that they dont plan do do anything for a long while. As for neil’s character if he didnt want to remember grab what ever other original living cast members are around and willing to do it. we dont really need to see grant again.

  3. Hal9000 #

    I remember watching Lost World and really wishing Grant was in it. Then I saw JP3.

  4. 4

    For me, Ian Malcolm is a way more interesting than Grant. Also there’s only two Jurassic Park movies, and those are the ones Spielberg made. JP3 is a complete waste of time, other than the whole Pteranodon scene, so if I have to choose between a Jurassic Park film done by Joe Johnston or any other wanna-be director and no Jurassic Park at all, I guess I’ll stick to my couple of DVDs

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