Josh Duhamel Back on ‘All My Children’


The news of Josh Duhamel returning to “All My Children” has daytime fans in a tizzy — specifically those loyal Leo and Greenlee fans. Duhamel played the popular Leo du Pres from 1999 until 2002, when his character died after plunging into a raging waterfall (though no body was ever found).

And in the soap world, no body means the possibility of a return by your favorite is always an option. However, many soap opera fans had lost hope of Duhamel’s Leo making a return appearance on “All My Children” due to his his primetime success on “Las Vegas” and his big screen success in films like “Transformers,” “When In Rome” and “Life as We Know It.”

Now that “All My Children” is ending its 41-year run this September, many fans have been wondering how it’ll all end and if any favorites will be making their way back to Pine Valley. So the news that Duhamel is scheduled to come back sometime in August for at least one episode (and maybe more) is very welcome. It also gives this fan a whole new level of respect for Mr. Duhamel; he’s respecting his roots and his loyal following.

But now the speculation begins as Greenlee Smythe (Rebecca Budig) — the widow of Duhamel’s character — is once again having trouble in the romance department. Could the return of her true love mean a happy ending for Greenlee as “All My Children” makes its final bow? I for one am hoping for a happy reunion for one of my favorite soap opera pairings and perhaps one last scene between the good brother Leo and his very bad older brother David Hayworth (Vincent Irizarry).

All I know for certain is that the last time we saw Leo he was falling to his “death” over a cliff after saving his beloved, Greenlee. Will he be back as a ghost? A dream? Or as I for one wish in the flesh?

As “All My Children” comes to a close, don’t miss a moment. With Josh Duhamel coming back, who knows who else might make an appearance …

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    That’s very cool. Nice one, Josh.

  2. Jackson #

    It’s nice that, no matter how successful he gets, the quality of his work never changes.