Low Budget ‘Thor’ Rip-Off Arrives Right On Schedule


Just in time for Marvel’s “Thor,” Asylum International has released a trailer for its bargain basement version.

Titled “Almighty Thor,” the film stars Cody Deal as Thor, Kevin Nash (yes, the former WWF wrestler) as Odin and Patricia Velasquez as Jarnsaxa. Playing Thor’s adoptive brother Loki is Richard Grieco, who is mostly remembered as Officer Dennis Booker from “Booker,” a spin-off of “21 Jump Street” and the 1991 film “If Looks Could Kill.”

For nostalgia purposes, it’s nice to see Grieco again — even if it’s in a made-for-TV rip-off.

On May 7, you can watch “Almighty Thor” on the SyFy Channel or by VOD and DVD May 10. But to hold you over until Saturday, check out the trailer below. I’m unsure whether the comedy intentional, but I couldn’t help but laugh loudly at Thor firing an uzi. The visual effects are all sorts of amazing, too.

To further clue you in on what you’re in for, Asylum produced “Titanic 2” and “Transmorphers.” There, you have been warned.

Share your thoughts about the “Almighty Thor” trailer to the right. Will you watch?

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  1. Lynn Tackitt #

    for a SYFY movie the special effects are pretty decent, but I also found myself with a chuckle on Thor & the Uzi. Maybe that was product placement?