More Details from ‘Batman: Under The Red Hood’

— by CAM SMITH —

While I’m usually not at all a fan of DTV animated superhero flicks, I must admit that my interest has been slightly piqued by the impending “Batman: Under The Red Hood” feature, which will be given a plum advertising spot on the new Justice League movie “Crisis On Two Earths.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, this new Caped Crusader mini-epic will be a Judd Winick-penned adaptation of his own popular 2005 “Batman” comics’ story arc.

Perhaps more exciting, however, is the fact that Bruce Timm — a key creative figure on the fantastic ’90s “Animated Series” — will be executive producing the film. If anyone GETS the Dark Knight, it’s him and his name is, for me at least, a sign that the material will be treated with the upmost respect and skill. With Timm overseeing the project, and directorial duties being handled by Brandon Vietti, co-director of 2007’s “Superman Doomsday” film, as well as helmer of multiple episodes of “Batman: The Brave and the Bold,” “The Batman” and “Legion of Superheroes,” it’s at least comforting to know that the project has a solid team of DC veterans behind it.

Although I would have loved to see Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill back in their signature duelling roles, I suppose I’ll have to settle for Bruce Greenwood as Batman and Joe DiMaggio as Joker, backed by Jensen Ackles as Red Hood, Neil Patrick Harris as Nightwing and Jason Isaacs as Ra’s Al Ghul. Oh well, with a cast this classy, the transition shouldn’t be too emotionally traumatizing.

Despite having read more than my fair share of Batman tales, I’m largely unfamiliar with the specifics of this particular saga — though dragging the cob-webbed, nether regions of my memory, I seem to recall having picked up a few sparkling details that I’d share if they weren’t so potentially spoiler-y. If I’m right, this could make for a hell of a down ‘n dirty crime yarn. Heck, it may even convince me to put the still-irritating burden of having purchased the cruddy “Batman: Gotham Knight” behind me and check this one out. Will wonders never cease?

Despite the fact that “Red Hood” doesn’t yet have a concrete release date, you can get your first insider peak when “Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths” hits DVD racks on Feb. 23.

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  1. Ben Fowler #

    Neil Patrick Harris is in this?

    “Bat Suit Up bro!”

  2. Disco #

    Can’t wait!

  3. moviefan #

    some interesting names for cast, i cant wait to see it. plus cant want to see the crisis dtv.

  4. annielicious14 #

    Jensen Ackles as The Red Hood! Consider it purchased!!!! with a bonus Neil Patrick Harris! Holla

    You can watch the first and second look at Under The Red Hood here …..