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Under Review: ‘Green Lantern: Emerald Knights’

— by ANDY BEHBAKHT — Back when I saw the trailer for “Emerald Knights” and the synopsis, I was actually looking forward to a movie that would basically explain some of the other Lanterns’ stories and more about the Green Lantern Corps. Before I give you my thoughts of the movie[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Abduction’

— by ADAM POYNTER — As the “Twilight” Saga comes to an end, the film’s cast must spread beyond the borders of Stephenie Meyer’s characters and establish themselves as true adult actors in the entertainment business. While Robert Pattinson will be starring alongside Re[...]

Five Clips from ‘Batman: Under the Red Hood’

— by KATHLEEN COLLINS — DC Comics has been cranking out a series of animated films based on its comic book heroes and while the output has been of varying quality, each one has definitely been worth checking out. The newest one, due in stores Tuesday, finds Batman and Nightwing pitted ag[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Batman: Under the Red Hood’

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — There are many “Batman” incarnations in live-action movies, animated series and movies, and in the printed pages of comics and books. The list would be endless if we had to recount the history and adventures of the heroic character (but It’s Just[...]

Six Clips from ‘Green Zone’

— by ALEXA MILAN — Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass may not be signing on for a fourth installment of the “Bourne” series, but that doesn’t mean their collaboration is over. Greengrass directs Damon in the Iraq-set thriller “Green Zone,” in which[...]

More Details from ‘Batman: Under The Red Hood’

— by CAM SMITH — While I’m usually not at all a fan of DTV animated superhero flicks, I must admit that my interest has been slightly piqued by the impending “Batman: Under The Red Hood” feature, which will be given a plum advertising spot on the new Justice League movie “Crisis [...]