New Images Unearthed from ‘Cemetery Junction’


Ricky Gervais is one of those people who can make me laugh at just about everything he says (in a good way). He has a gift for making every word funny.

Those who watched Gervais host The Golden Globes got a glimpse of that yesterday, but he is even better on talk show formats (for my money, Gervais is much better when he is playing off someone than just standing there alone).

Gervais also has a knack for getting in and getting out. While I would have loved to see more episodes of “The Office,” Gervais (and co-creator Stephen Merchant) told the story they wanted to and finished it — two short seasons and a finale. Then, he moved on to “Extras,” and did the same thing. Neither show had a chance to grow stale and each episode of the two series is either perfect or close to perfect.

And while we won’t be getting any more of Gervais in “The Office,” we are getting what looks to be the next best thing: Gervais getting back to his working class roots with “Cemetery Junction.”

“Cemetery Junction” — the first movie written and directed by Gervais and Merchant — is the story of several men working at an insurance company in the 1970s. In addition to Gervais, the movie features Ralph Fiennes, Matthew Goode, Emily Watson, Felicity Jones, Christian Cooke, Julia Davis and Tom Hughes.

The movie is due out April 7 in the U.K., with a U.S. date yet to be announced.

In the meantime, a batch of new photos have surfaced from the set. I have included several below. For the whole set of photos, check out Sky Movies HD, the original source of the pictures, or visit my friends at Hey U Guys, where they have laid them out in an appealing manner.

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  1. C. Falls #

    Nice pics. I want to see this.

  2. Beanie #

    Ricky Gervais is the funniest man alive.