Poster Peek: ‘Cheech and Chong’s Hey Watch This’


The poster for Cheech and Chong’s “Hey Watch This” certainly knows its crowd and goes for broke with nostalgic appeal.

Our two favorite fun-loving rascals are at it again, but unlike previous posters, which tended to emphasize their well-known predilection for “smoking the ganga” and bikini clad babes, this one features instead an older model shiny, red vehicle with Cheech on one side and Chong on the other. The two are making funny faces, both wearing sun glasses, Chong has his trademark bandana whereas Cheech has a black Derby style hat and aside from Chong’s predominently grey beard and hair, they both radiate youthfulness and high spirits.

The wide, happy grins and funky hand gestures signal to the viewer that this is going to be one cool ride and you better be prepared for some wild times ahead. There is a not so subtle nod to their past with the tag line announcing “Their first JOINT (my emphasis) venture in 25 years.”

The movie “Hey Watch This” is actually a documentary of their hugely successful reunion tour called “Cheech and Chong: Light Up America.” In that sense, the poster is a bit misleading since it makes no reference to the fact that it’s a documentary of the tour, rather than an actual movie. Maybe it’s a slight distinctio,n but I feel it’s important to mention it.

Nevertheless, in their funky, still very ’70s-oriented garb in full, glorious color, the fearless duo is back. You loved them before, you might love them still and you know you’re probably going to want to be there for what is sure to be a massive, highly-entertaining event.

“Cheech and Chong’s Hey Watch This” will be released on DVD on April 20.

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  1. 1

    Come on, you know you love those two. How can you not.

  2. Nissa #

    Love the poster, not sure I’m going to go see the movie though;)

  3. Josue #

    All I can say is: AWESOME DUDE!!!!

  4. Apple El #

    Hubby is gonna LOVE this!!:P

  5. Eric Mullen #

    I heard of this welcome back fellas Cant wait to see the movie

  6. Eric Mullen #

    its good hes not locked up anymore for bogus charges Fight the Power! Smoke One For u two

  7. smokey the bandit #

    Hey, man, I WILL watch it.