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Paul Bettany’s career suicide continues. Not content with wasting his and our time with “Legion,” he’s back to do it all again with “Priest.” The film is loosely based upon the Korean comic of the same name by Min-Woo Hyung. Bettany stars as (shout “Snap!” if any of this sounds familiar) a religious priest who defies the church and goes out to protect and save his niece from the forces of evil — in this case vampires.

This First Look really tries its best to make this seem appealing. Yet it turns out to only be slightly more appealing than Wesley Snipes’ latest direct-to-DVD effort. The usual spiel is trotted out (“it’s a completely original way to look at vampires!”) and everyone tries to hide the fact that as soon as they’re off the set, they’re going to fire their agents. I know vampires are all the rage at the moment, but that does not give Hollywood carte blanche to churn out a (seemingly) mediocre at best vampire flick, hoping that a bunch of Twilighters itching for their next “bite” are going to mindlessly splash their cash.

The film stars Paul Bettany (as the titular Priest – Ivan Isaacs), Maggie Q, Karl Urban and Christopher Plummer. Interestingly, Cam Gigandet of “Twilight” fame appears as the sheriff helping Isaacs, and Stephen Moyer of the HBO-series “True Blood” is back on bloodsucker duties as the mysterious Aaron. The film is also due to be released in 3D — so all that hammy acting and stilted dialogue will feel like you can reach out and throttle it.

Priest is due to be released Jan. 14, 2011.

Source: TrailerSpy

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  1. Cam Smith #

    And it’s from the director of LEGION, no less. Hoo…ray?

  2. annielicious14 #

    Wonder if they ever watched Gangster #1 – I’ll reserve jusdgement until I see it I guess! Love me some Paul Bettany!

  3. Rob #

    excellent article dude!

  4. Mia Moore #

    I can’t wait to not watch this. 😛