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With Ridley Scott bringing us “Robin Hood” one more time to the big screen, it has got me thinking all about my long history with the character. I have been a fan of Robin Hood for quite some time. As a kid, I remember watching the Errol Flynn classic “The Adventures of Robin Hood.” I loved how adventurous and fun it was, perhaps it had more action than any movie of it’s time that I can remember seeing. I loved the cinematography of that movie, and its amazing camera angles and beautiful colors.

Since the Errol Flynn’s masterpiece, there have been various takes on the story. Sean Connery has played the character, as has Kevin Costner. Still, there have been other Robin Hoods, like in comedies and even science fiction. These movies have been exciting too, and in some versions, the Sheriff of Nottingham was actually more interesting than Robin himself.

What I’m trying to say is, Ridley Scott has his hands full. It will not be easy to inject life again into this already famous yet little-explored-on-film character. His story is well known, yet Scott feels he can tell it again.

The first trailer was very exciting, yet lacked something I can’t quite put my finger on. Perhaps it was the fact that there wasn’t enough “Merry men” or Sherwood Forest. Yet, as you can see in the poster below and the trailer, he does appear to be a serious man, a wanted man. A fugitive with a mission. He is upset and he is not “Merry.” In my opinion, this will be the most serious, and perhaps “realistic,” version of the heroic character.

I am looking forward to seeing how they play the archery aspect into the movie as well. Make Robin a real threat with the bow. Show his skills as something we would admire in our current day and age. This poster is definitely attention grabbing, it will do well when hanging there in the theater walls. People will look at it. It does have a slight resemblance to Stallone’s last “Rambo.” He had a photo almost similar in every way, with Rambo pointing his arrow at us. With this crisp, clean detailed photo of Russel Crowe “Robin,” there is just no going wrong with this poster.

“Robin Hood” will be released on May 14, and it stars Russell Crowe, Mark Strong, Cate Blanchett, Max von Sydow, Matthew Macfadyen, William Hurt and William Marshall.

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  1. typertist #

    Nicely written Josue.
    It’s true what you said about the ‘Sheriff of Nottingham’…even though I vaguely remember. I ‘always’ liked science fiction & fantasy. Don’t think a read enough when I was younger, and am catching up now 😉 This poster is awesome! Can’t wait for the movie 🙂

  2. Bev #

    Josue, candid, honest writing. However, I’m not as excited as you are. I am just tired of Russell Crowe. There’s some inner tension always under his character that is unattractive and definitely unromantic. Maybe everyone else thinks differently, but I’d rather see someone like Ashton Kutcher in this role. It would be a good stretch for him and… wouldn’t he also be a riot to watch?