Another Adventure for Bill and Ted: Excellent or Bogus?

— by CAM SMITH —

There’s no better time to start crazy internet rumors than Oscar time, when Hollywood’s brightest stars come out to shine and take to the red carpet, forced to converse with frenzied journalists desperate for a scoop, no matter how dubious.

However, rather than dig up info on exciting new, original projects in secret development, these bands of writers and TV personalities are typically only curious about three things: superhero films, remakes and sequels.

Falling profoundly into the latter is MTV’s recent report that Keanu Reeves is interested in pulling Alex Winter out the unemployment line and reuniting the Wyld Stallyns for a third “Bill and Ted” film (“Pimpin’ Pilgrimage,” perhaps?).

Speaking with the station’s Josh Horowitz, the always impassive actor provided concise, not-so-scintillating answers (“I’m trying, I’m trying”) to the query of a third film happening, most of which were interpreted as sarcasm by the reporter. As the charade continued, with zero concrete information revealed, Reeves finally put an end to the awkward exchange with the oh-so-promising declaration “We’ll see…”

Now, I enjoyed “Excellent Adventure” and “Bogus Journey” very much, but does no one realize that it’s been almost two decades since the goofy metal-head duo graced the silver screen? I can think of few sadder sights than having to watch the two 40-something actors play air guitar, engage in California surfer-speak and ogle babes young enough to be their daughters. I’m also not particularly enamored with the notion of seeing Bill and Ted grown up and settled down, having to rediscover their inner-youth while on a fantastic expedition.

Frankly, while certain properties can easily be retrofitted to any era, the “Bill and Ted” franchise feels like a foregone relic of the ’90s – too dated to appeal to the all-important target youth demographic who were born, as scary as it may seem, after the last film’s release and too silly to draw a large enough crowd of older audience members to be overly profitable. I’m personally lumping this one into the “I’ll believe it when I see it” pile.

Although, with all that said, I’m 100 percent on-board if they bring back William Sadler’s Grim Reaper character. That crazy death-dealer slayed me:

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  1. moviefan #

    loved the two films. they are great fun movies. I have read for years alex een wanting to do another one and keanu hasnt really been up to it. But like a yr or two ago i saw an article saying their was plans for another film. But then things didnt go anywhere. Then there was a report last yr that who ever has the rights to the series was going to do a reboot. Well what ever happens i would love to see another.

  2. 2

    A reboot would be an amazingly bad idea.