Poster Peek: ‘The Book of Eli’


January is usually a pretty unexciting time for new movies, but hopefully the latest film from Albert and Allen Hughes will be an exception.

“The Book of Eli” is set in a post-apocalyptic America, a bleak and violent society where the world as people once knew it is wasting away. In the midst of it all, a man named Eli (Denzel Washington) is determined to protect as sacred book that may contain the secrets to saving the human race. His primary opponent is Carnegie (Gary Oldman), the leader of a small town who will stop at nothing to steal the book and use it for his own personal gain.

This has the potential to be an intriguing action thriller, and I’ll see pretty much anything that has Washington and Oldman attached to it. These two new posters capture the film’s desolate atmosphere well and give us an up-close look at Eli.

Also starring Mila Kunis, Malcolm McDowell, Jennifer Beals, Ray Stevenson and Tom Waits, “The Book of Eli” opens Jan. 15.

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  1. christine #

    I’m not sure about this one.

  2. Kat #


  3. Robert D #

    From seeing the trailer I think the posters could have been much better.

  4. 4

    I have to say that the movie seems to have a lot of potential. Maybe I’m just a silent Denzel fan, but still the trailer rocks.