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Featuring top-notch voice actors, cool 3-D animation and catchy songs, “Delhi Safari” is a tender, heartfelt and well intended animated movie for kids of all ages. Using the word safari in the title was very appropriate, since this movie is an adventurous journey shared by the most unlikely characters from the animal kingdom. Delhi is the perfect backdrop for an animated movie because of its rich music and colorful culture.

After what seems to be a weak opening – in terms of visual effects — the movie seems to get on a roll, and the art, color, special effects and details become more rich and detailed. Nothing in the movie feels rushed, and you can feel a great respect for the story to be told, and they definitely get it across.

So, what’s the story? Well, the animals are trying to get the humans’ attention … and our sympathy. They want sympathy for all those creatures that “share the world” with us but are being vacated from their homes and made extinct on a daily basis. After a very touching opening sequence, the animals of the jungle agree they must risk it all to confront the humans and spark some type of acknowledgement on their behalf. But how can they communicate with the humans? The fate of all the animals is in the hands, or should I say wings, of one parrot — Alex, voiced by Brad Garrett.

Together, the leopard cub called Yuvi (Tara Strong), his mother Bega (Vanessa Williams), a monkey called Barjrangi (Carlos Alazraqui), Bagga the bear (Garrett) and Alex make their way through all kinds of wacky adventures and dangerous situations to get to Delhi, where they intend to plead their case to parliament. Along the way, they bump into all kinds of crazy animal characters, like the general bee (voiced by Cary Elwes), the pigeon (Christopher Lloyd), and the singing flamingos (Jane Lynch and Jason Alexander), but they soon find out that reaching Delhi was not the hard part, but trying to convince mankind to change its ways is.

This is a movie for the entire family, and definitely one full of lessons, especially for the younger kids. This movie has plenty of laughs and fun for everyone to enjoy. I think the movie as a whole leaves a pleasant impression, and will definitely be something the younger kids can repeatedly watch and sing along with.

I didn’t get the chance to see it in 3-D, but can tell by the art, the angles and movements that it was created with 3-D in mind, and should look great.

“Delhi Safari” will debut in theaters on Dec. 7, 2012.

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