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Review: Delhi Safari

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — Featuring top-notch voice actors, cool 3-D animation and catchy songs, “Delhi Safari” is a tender, heartfelt and well intended animated movie for kids of all ages. Using the word safari in the title was very appropriate, since this movie is an adventurous[...]

Trailer: Delhi Safari

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — “Delhi Safari” is great-looking animated movie that seems to have slipped below the radar for me. I just watched the trailer (below) and was surprised how much I actually liked it. From Jane Lynch to Vanessa Williams, Cary Elwes and Christopher Lloyd, this movie [...]

Trailer: Piranha 3DD

— by JESSIKA OWENS — Oh “Jaws 3-D,” how I did not miss you, nor was I anxious for your return. Wait, what? That’s not “Jaws 3-D,” it’s “Piranha 3DD!” You may wonder why I have the two confused, and the reality is that on the surface, these [...]

Step ‘Back to the Future’ To Support Charity

— by ALEXA MILAN — Crank up the DeLorean and head to the nearest computer. Because if you’re a “Back to the Future” fan and have loads of extra cash to spare, you might be able to snag a pair of limited edition Nike MAG shoes in the next couple of days. Nike has introdu[...]

Under Review: ‘In/Sight’

— by LYNN TACKITT — I have been a long-time devoted fan of good thriller movies. Even as a child, I would sneak in the hallway late at night and watch the movies that my mother deemed too scary or deep for a child to follow. Being extremely lucky, I was blessed with a mother […][...]

Trailer Talk: ‘In/Sight’

— by LYNN TACKITT — What if you were a victim of a violent crime and you could feel your life slipping away? You would want to tell someone what you knew about it, wouldn’t you? Is the will so strong that you could transfer thoughts, memories or even experiences? Suppose you could[...]

Back to the Future: 11 Featurettes

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — The “Back to the Future” 25-year anniversary celebration is under way. The franchise was released on Blu-ray today and everywhere you look right now has all kinds of Back to the Future bits — there’s a video game coming and the original actors[...]

Under Review: ‘Piranha 3D’

— by MARIUSZ ZUBROWSKI — I think that I would be able the make the next great B-movie, but that’s just me, but before I start writing up a script, let me ask my lovely readers their opinion on my would-be debut, which I would direct, write and, of course, produce (because doing all thr[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Piranha 3D’

— by CAM SMITH — Sometimes, we go to the movies to immerse ourselves in the beauty of pure film making artistry, content to surrender ourselves to the whims of nuanced, dynamic cinematic storytellers who feel compelled to express themselves on as large a canvas as possible. Other times, [...]

‘Piranha 3D’: Three Dimensions of Terrible

— by CHRIS HYATT — “Piranha 3D” is going to be terrible. As of the moment I started typing this article, I haven’t seen the trailer, much less looked for one. Truth be told, I didn’t really have a firm grasp of its existence until I heard TMZ make a reference to[...]