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Oh “Jaws 3-D,” how I did not miss you, nor was I anxious for your return. Wait, what? That’s not “Jaws 3-D,” it’s “Piranha 3DD!” You may wonder why I have the two confused, and the reality is that on the surface, these films have very much in common. Both are sequels, both use the implementation of 3D technology in their marketing plans, and they also share the same basic plot. One more thing, both films have a “Back to the Future” link!

“Piranha 3DD” follows the school of blood-lusting piranhas after the gruesome events that took place at Lake Victoria. This time, they manage to make their way into a new water park. The trailer looks pretty cool for a number of reasons. Christopher Lloyd (“Back to the Future”) is most definitely one of those reasons. Ving Rhames (“Dawn of the Dead”) and his killer legs coming back for more is simply fun to watch. Lots of blood and an over abundance of female bouncing body parts will sufficiently get certain demographics into the film.

This film is superb in knowing what type of film it is and running with it. It’s got humor, it’s got satirical undertones, and appears to have lots of blood and guts. For me, that’s a fun horror flick. My only issues are the apparent similarities to “Jaws 3-D,” in which great white sharks infiltrate a waterpark. It is an interesting fact that Lea Thompson (“Back to the Future”) was in “Jaws 3-D.” I will be seeing “Piranha 3DD” and will more than likely view it in 3D, as there are several shots from the trailer that you can tell were shot specifically for the utilization of 3D. They are gimmicky shots, yes, but considering the type of movie, a little cheese whiz will just make the experience a tad more fun.

When it comes to the horror front, I’m waiting for that one scary movie that maximizes the potential of 3D shooting to maximize the scare factor on audiences. I doubt “Piranha 3DD” is going to be that film, but it’s good fun for what it is.

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  1. Canucklehead #

    Best. Movie. Ever. Why am I not watching this yet?