‘Star Wars’ Does Horror: ‘Death Troopers’


When I was younger, I tried to read the “Star Wars” novels, but quite honestly, they began to release them faster than I could read them and I just sort of stopped.

Since then, they have printed nearly too many to count — but this month, they have done something new.

On Oct. 13, they released “Star Wars: Death Troopers,” the first-ever Star Wars horror novel.

In the book, a deadly virus turns its victims into the vicious undead when an Imperial prison barge breaks down in deep space with its load of prisoners — criminals and murderers, human and non-human.

And to honor the occasion, 5ive by 5ive Studios has crafted this excellent trailer for the book:

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  1. Rob #

    That sounds really intriguing–almost like a no-brainer someone in the Star Wars Universe should’ve thought of a long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away….?; sorry couldn’t stop myself). That *is* a really cool trailer too, almost makes me interested in a possible movie adaptation. I’m with you on the sheer number of books they’ve released in this series though. It’s just ridiculous–much like Star Trek. And the worst part is, with all that wealth of material to draw on, Lucas and Co. couldn’t offer any better films than the last trilogy? Really? It’s shameful.

  2. The Fastest Man Alive #

    I want that to be a movie!

  3. moviefan #

    that sounds like an interesting book. That trailer was also well made.

  4. Jon #

    I’ve read way too many Star Wars books in my high school years. Most of them were good, some were great. Anytime they push the boundaries it usually works out. This seems to apply to that.

  5. Kat #


  6. Cardinals Fan #

    that trailer was cool

  7. H Solo #

    Pure coolness.