Starless Dreams: Trailer


Award-winning director Mehrdad Oskouei was given access to an incarceration facility for girls 18 and under in Iran. Gently asking them why they were there and what their hopes for the future were, he discovers a greater societal transgression than the girls’ crimes.

The girls wash their own clothes and hang them in the outside courtyard to dry. In the winter, as they take them down, they are frozen stiff – like their own hearts. Yet as the spring thaw comes and the icicles drip, there is hope that through their gentle camaraderie they can find peace.

“Starless Dreams” offers a new appreciation and respect for our Iranian brothers and sisters as well as a greater feeling for the responsibilities we all share as part of the human family. This outstanding, delicately delivered documentary plays Feb. 23 as part of the 2017 Portland International Film Festival.

Ranking: 10/10

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