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Review: California Solo

— by ADAM DALE — The aging rock star past his prime is an archetype we have seen in many different films, but writer and director Marshall Lewy has taken the subject and made it much more relatable and intimate in his portrait of a drunken ex-Brit pop musician struggling with a dark past[...]

Two Clips from ‘Made for Each Other’

— by ALEXA MILAN — The sex farce “Made for Each Other” has flown under the radar, and maybe for good reason. While the footage released of the low-budget comedy may contain a laugh or two, it certainly doesn’t look like the next “40-Year-Old Virgin.” Dan (Christopher Masterson)[...]

‘Waterworld: the Musical’ from ‘Made for Each Other’

— by TOM ELCE — Some things just leave you speechless. Take this brief clip from the movie “Made for Each Other” as an example. In it, we’re witness to a bizarre performance dubbed by the film as “Water World: The Musical,” sat gawking incredulously at the c[...]