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Under Review: ‘Off the Boulevard’

— by LYNN TACKITT — In the past, I have overlooked documentaries and never given them much thought. They didn’t seem to strike a long enough chord to make it through the entire film. Don’t get me wrong; I respect people enough to have a passion and want to get the word out enough to [...]

‘Boondock Saints’ Mobile Game Tournament Launched

— by SEAN GERSKI — Bringing the same explosive action and attitude that fueled the iconic, cult-classic movie, players will unleash the deadly skills of the brothers MacManus in this unique top-down shooter game, experiencing an exclusive “Boondock Saints” story created just [...]

‘Boondock Saints’ Return to Big Screen Ends with Party in Maine

— by JESSICA CARSON — On March 11, 2010, “The Boondock Saints” movie was shown in theaters across the United States for one night only. Like many, I had never seen the original film on the big screen. Being a huge “Boondock Saints” fan, this was an event I just[...]