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Under Review: Total Recall

— by ADAM DALE — When it comes to classic genre films, fans can be less than enthusiastic about the idea of a remake. With ostensibly a more faithful interpretation of Philip K. Dick’s 1966 short story “We Can Remember it for You Wholesale” than the 1990 original starring Arnold Sc[...]

Kate Beckinsale Wanted for ‘Total Recall’

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — Though she is currently filming “Underworld 4,” it is being reported that Hollywood beauty Kate Beckinsale may have nabbed the sought-after role of Lori in the upcoming remake of “Total Recall.” We recently reported Jessica Biel was in the run[...]

Jessica Biel in Talks for ‘Total Recall’ Reboot

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — I still remember the first time I watched “Total Recall,” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. It wasn’t at a theaters (I was to young to watch the “R” rated movie), but when it was finally available on video, my friend and I immediately rent[...]

Bryan Cranston Zeroing in on Total Recall

— by SEAN GERSKI — I don’t know if rebooting “Total Recall” — the Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi flick from 1990 — is a great idea. I do, however, know that hiring Bryan Cranston to act in anything you are doing is an excellent idea. In the newest incarnation [...]