Jessica Biel in Talks for ‘Total Recall’ Reboot


I still remember the first time I watched “Total Recall,” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. It wasn’t at a theaters (I was to young to watch the “R” rated movie), but when it was finally available on video, my friend and I immediately rented it. We watched in surprise as the special-effects extravaganza took us from Earth to Mars and never stopped to let us catch our breathe. When the movie ended, my buddy and I looked at each other, rewound the tape, and watched it again. This is a true story.

Now, we have been hearing for some time now that a “Total Recall” remake is underway …

First, we heard Colin Farrell would play the lead role (Arnold once played) of Douglas Quaid. This was interesting to me, since he was involved with “Minority Report” with Tom Cruise, a movie that was originally intended to be “Total Recall 2.”

Today, Variety is reporting Jessica Biel is being courted to the idea of joining the cast. She is a great choice because of her beauty and acting talent. If she accepts, it is still uncertain what role she would play, since it sounds like it won’t be that of Melina, the heroine of the original movie played by actress Rachel Ticotin. If we go by the original movie, that leaves the role of Lori, who was played by Sharon Stone.

According to Variety, Eva Mendes, Kate Bosworth and Paula Patton are still being considered for the film’s other female lead.

Pretty interesting and exciting developments and, of course, IJM will be following all the new developments for your reading pleasure.

With Len Wiseman directing, Colin Farrell as lead, and Bryan Cranston attached to play the villain, we are seeing the strong development for a possibly good — or at least solid — sci-fi movie.

Does this news make you excited for the movie? Would you like to see Biel play a villain? Sound off in comment section.

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