Three New Photos from ‘Nine’


Am I excited for the release of the movie musical “Nine” in November? Yes! Do I know what exactly the movie is all about? No! Do these newly-released photos do much to offer insight to the movie? No! Am I still excited? Yes!

In an on the set photo (courtesy of Entertainment Weekly), we see Penélope Cruz and Daniel Day-Lewis getting some dance coaching. (That is DDL’s back, isn’t it? You’d think I’d know these things about my celebrity crush du jour …) In the Entertainment Weekly article, Director Rob Marshall comments about the immense amount of musical talent he found in his cast: “Everybody in the cast had musical talent somewhere hidden in their life. Penélope Cruz had proper dance training. But everybody had an enormous amount to accomplish.” Which we already knew after seeing the trailer featuring Fergie singing while quick cuts of the cast shimmying around play.

So what else have you go for me, Nine?

Well, there’s this photo of Cruz looking sexy while lying on a bed (courtesy of Screen Crave). Because in case you didn’t know it already, Penélope Cruz is sexy! Put her in cute lingerie and bathe her in a soft pink light, and it’s no wonder Daniel Day-Lewis’ character falls for her. Heck, I think I’m beginning to fall for her.

In this last photo (also from Screen Crave), Daniel Day-Lewis looks miserably sad while an old movie plays on an enormous screen behind him. His character, Guido Contini, is a movie director struggling to make his next movie and deal with the various complications in his personal life, so I imagine this is a shot of him reflecting on his past creations and worrying about what is coming next. And I just want to give him a hug and puppy to make him smile. Or maybe just show him that photo of Penélope on the bed.

So there you have it: “Nine” has singing and dancing, Penélope Cruz is hot, and Daniel Day-Lewis is sad. And I will see you at the theater on Nov. 25.

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  1. 1

    Man, that is a great shot of Cruz.

  2. Linda #

    I enjoy musicals, they should make more of them.

  3. Vanna #

    I have a feeling this movie is one of those that grows on you with repeated showings. The cast looks great.

  4. Disco #

    I will be stunned if this movie isn’t Oscar nominated.