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Almost everyone is familiar with the old television show “21 Jump Street.” And why not? It put Johnny Depp on the map of who’s who to watch for the rising stars. And you have to love the concept: young, good-looking cops going undercover to bring down the bad guys.

In the spirit of relaunching hit television shows with a different twist, director Phil Lord and writer Michael Bacall bring us a comedy/adventure about the new generation of police officers who have gone undercover in high school to help bring down a synthetic drug ring.

As rookie police officers, Schmidt (played by Jonah Hill) and Jenko (played by Channing Tatum) look to jump in the action and bring down the bad guys. On their first bust, they forget to Mirandize him and soon find themselves recruited to do undercover work in high school. Although their mission is clear, the call of the carefree high school days calls to their more fun-loving nature.

“21 Jump Street” — which also stars Ice Cube and Ellie Kemper — opens in theatres March 16.

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