Trailer Talk: ‘Confucius’


I’ll admit it: I know very little about the ancient Chinese philosopher, Confucius, with the exception of his involvement in a few off-color jokes (Confucius say, “Baseball wrong. Man with four balls cannot walk.”). But when it comes to serious philosophizing, I’m about as ignorant on Confucius as anyone else without a degree in philosophy.

Chow Yun-Fat (or Yun-Fat Chow — he seems to go by both) stars in a new biopic about Confucius in his younger years, which definitely looks to be more action movie than history lesson, but I suppose a movie strictly about a Chinese man thinking wouldn’t be likely to draw a crowd. For those who have enjoyed Chow Yun-Fat’s other works (like “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”) and don’t mind reading subtitles, “Confucius” looks to be another beautifully-filmed sweeping epic.

“Confucius” is set to release in China on Jan. 28, with no current plans for a U.S. release. If this is on your must-see list, reaching out to your local indie arthouse theater might be a good idea.

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