Trailer Talk: ‘Salt’ (Russian Language Version)


Good news/bad news for Angelina Jolie fans:

Good news: A trailer for her upcoming action thriller, “Salt,” is now available.

Bad news: It’s in Russian.

In “Salt,” Jolie plays Evelyn Salt, a CIA officer who is accused of being a Russian spy. And since watching someone go through various legal proceedings to clear up this misunderstanding would make for an incredibly boring movie, Salt goes on the run in order to clear her name and protect her family.

I can’t understand a thing that’s said in the trailer, but there are plenty of action shots (Car crashes! Assassination attempts! Hair dyeing!), so if you were bored with Jolie’s recent forays into dramas — “Changeling,” “A Mighty Heart” and “The Good Shepherd” — rest easy. She’s apparently back in butt-kicking form.

I assume the whole Russian spy thing is why the first preview we’re seeing is in Russian. And depending on your feelings about Russian accents, they’re either adding a level of foreboding intrigue, or they’re giving you a distinct Boris and Natasha “moose and squirrel” feeling. In either case, удача understanding what’s going on.

“Salt” premieres — in English — on July 23, 2010.

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  1. 1

    I heard “Salt” several times. That was about all I could make out.

  2. Josue Sanchez #

    This could be the “Alias” movie ive been waiting for. Instead its a female Bourne Identity. But guess what? its going to be incredible!! im there!!

  3. Josue #

    just saw the english version! OMG this movie is going to rock! Angelina Jolie is a perfect cast. I love her and i love this movie already!!!