Trailer Talk: ‘Once Fallen’

— by ROB COX —

“Once Fallen” is the upcoming film from independent film maker Ash Adams. This production boasts an impressive ensemble comprised of several academy-award-nominated actors, including Ed Harris, Amy Madigan, Taraji P. Henson and Peter Weller. Brian Presley, Sharon Gless, Chad Lindberg and Adams himself round out the remaining cast.

One of the most striking aspects of this trailer is the length. At 3:33, it’s easily a full minute longer than the average big-studio trailer. That may not sound like much, but with this form of advertising, it’s noticeable, and the clip feels overly long as a result.

As to the film itself, despite the impressive cast, it looks like a fairly standard crime thriller with echoes of 1990’s “The Godfather: Part III” — “Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in” — among others.

The story centers around Chance (Presley) a young man recently released from prison who wants to assume a normal, crime-free lifestyle in the real world. The moment he’s released from prison, multiple entities work to pull Chance back into his old life of crime, including his father Liam (Harris), a man with a long criminal record of his own who is himself serving a lengthy prison sentence. Complicating matters is August, the five-year-old son Chance didn’t know he had until his release from prison.

Appearances aside, the film’s cast alone is justification to check it out. When the average moviegoer might be able to do so, though, is anybody’s guess. Though no official date has been announced, Adams himself previously stated he intended a 2009 release. Obviously, that didn’t happen. At this point, with precious little promotional or other info available on “Once Fallen,” the best guess as to when this family-centric crime drama might hit theaters is sometime this year.

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  1. Jen #

    With that cast, I wish it looked better.

  2. 2

    Ed Harris simply rocks!!

  3. B.Suarez #

    Great flick!