Trailer Talk: ‘The Extra Man’


If you were moving to New York City, would you want to share a place with a wacky gigolo for elderly women? Probably not, but it looks like aspiring playwright Louis Ives (Paul Dano) didn’t know what he was getting into when he decides to move in with Henry Harrison (Kevin Kline), also a playwright.

The trailer shows the initial interview between Louis and Henry, who shares some of his ideals with the young scribe: “I’m against the education of women. It dulls their performance in the boudoir.” Louis ends up getting the extra room, after Henry tells him, “you’re the only person who came for the room who speaks English.” After moving in with Henry, Louis finds out about his job as an escort of wealthy widows. The trailer shows some pretty hilarious moments between Henry and his frequent date Vivian, who even needs to be carried at one point.

When Louis, who is making ends meet by working at an environmental magazine, starts to fall for vegan coworker Mary (Katie Holmes), Henry says he needs Louis to also be an “extra man” on a double date. While learning more about one another, Louis points out how Henry has the ability to disconnect from people, where its obvious Louis wants love and a connection.

This film looks intriguing, and Kline seems fabulous in it. Also, keep your eye out for John C. Reilly, who is rockin’ one crazy beard/long hair combo.

Check out “The Extra Man” in theaters on July 30.

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  1. Adam Poynter #

    This actually looks quite funny. I like Kline and I think this just the type of dry indie humor I will like! Cant wait!!

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