Trailer Talk: ‘Twelve’


Many films have tried to capture the depravity associated with young adults and drugs. Some have had hilarious effects, like “Reefer Madness,” and some are more successful, like “Requim for a Dream.” Joel Shumacher’s latest film, “Twelve,” looks like neither of these.

The film focuses on the hedonistic lives of Manhattan’s Upper East Side youth. Sex, drugs and violence come in spades. The youth has a good time while doing it all, but you can be sure there will be consequences.

At first, the trailer below is quite interesting. The shots and editing are unusual, but in an artistic way. However, the trailer quickly starts to look like a cable version of “Gossip Girl.” The voice-over does nothing. The audience could easily get the gist of what he’s talking about and we could all be saved that unaffected voice. At three minutes, the trailer is too long, but then again the film is about excess, so perhaps it was intentional.

This is a film I will most likely pass on. Drug films tend to get preachy and are more glamorous than in real life (“Trainspotting” is a very good exception, though.) The cast is made up mostly of up and comers in whom I’m not really interested. Plus, as I’m neither rich nor a drug addict, I find it hard to relate.

“Twelve” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, but does not have a wide release date. It stars Kiefer Sutherland, Chace Crawford and Emma Roberts.

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  1. Lori #

    It looks like a lesser version of movies we’ve already seen.

  2. annielicious14 #

    I never thought I’d want to see a movie that had 50 cents in it!

  3. Mel #

    If you have read the book by Nick McDonell, or know anything about it, you’ll know its not going to be a lesser version of anything.