Trailer Talk: ‘X-Men: First Class’ (American Trailer No. 2)


As summer approaches, we are seeing more and more material released from some of the biggest movies that will be hitting theaters in the coming months. One of those films is “X-Men: First Class.” Not many were happy to hear that they were rebooting the series, but once “Kick Ass” director Matthew Vaughn signed on to direct, interest was piqued at the thought of what this unique director could create.

We got our first look during the Super Bowl when a teaser trailer was released and many were impressed. Since then we have seen a Russian trailer and an international trailer, each showcasing more characters and scenes than the last. Well, we finally have a second full trailer for “X-Men: First Class” and it is glorious.

The majority of the scenes, music and overall look of the new trailer have been seen, in part, in the previous versions, but with a few additions. We have more mutants, more storyline and more action. We get a good look at characters Havok, Banshee and Angel Salvadore — who were only shown previously in quick glimpses. Seeing them use their powers in different ways was amazing. Another key new group of scenes shows the team coming together at the mansion and some pretty intimate moments between a few of them.

One major part of this new trailer that I liked was that we got to see the full team, assembled and in uniform for the first time. It is this odd mutant family dynamic that is the basis for how the X-Men work together and all the earlier trailers mainly focused on the action and impending doom of the war. We see the full team in action on and in the water against a battalion of battle ships and submarines.

Overall, this is the most superior of all the trailers released thus far because it showcases all of the different elements that make up the film.

Starring in “X-Men: First Class” are James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, January Jones, Kevin Bacon, Jennifer Lawrence, Rose Byrne, Nicolas Hoult, Zoё Kravitz and Lucas Till.

“X-Men: First Class” opens everywhere June 3. Will you be heading to the theaters to check it out?

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  1. Geraldine #

    I can’t wait to see this movie. Soooo looking forward to it. I really like the trailer.

  2. Sherice Antoinette #

    It is a better trailer, yes. I kinda wish they would have just done an origin story with Erik and Charles. From what I see here, both Fassbender and McAvoy look pretty amazing.

  3. Josue #

    I love Love love this trailer!!!!!

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