‘Transformers 3’ — Well, It’s Official


It is official: “Transformers 3” is really coming out.

It is scheduled for release on July 1, 2011. Day one of production was Oct. 1 — not shooting, but production.

Michael Bay is back to direct, Ehren Kruger is back writing and Megan Fox is the only returning star for sure at the moment — everyone else is up in the air. But I have a feeling that Shia LaBeouf will return … even if he doesn’t want to.

I got this information from Michael Bay’s blog and from Wikipedia (which can and can’t be a reliable source, so I mainly stayed with Bay’s blog).

Bay said, “Well its official: We have a great ‘Transformers 3’ story. The release date is now July 1. 2011. Not 2012.”

He also said, “Today is Day One. This morning started with an ILM meeting for five hours in San Francisco. Currently I’m flying with writer Ehren Kruger to Rhode Island to talk to Hasbro about new characters.”

He also mentioned indirectly a little thing about Megan Fox returning. All this information was posted 10/01/09, to see the bit about Megan Fox go here.

Now, for some of you this is the most exciting news you could ever hear. But for most, this is like putting a gun to your head and pulling the trigger. It could even be a mix between the two. The first “Transformers” was amazing, entertaining, violent and funny. The second one, I hear, is abbsolutely terrible — I never saw it because of these accusations.

It probably will have the same formula as the first two: big explosions, lots of screaming, lots of running, lots of good and bad jokes, lots of cool special effects and more explosions (it’s Michael Bay’s trademark).

Not much information has been released so far, so I will leave you with some questions. Are you going to be the person who camps out in front of the movie theater waiting for this movie? Are you the person who is going to go against this movie, posting in thousands of blogs telling people not to see it? Or are you the person who really doesn’t care and will rent it on DVD? I am person No. 3. Which are you?

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  1. kathleen #

    Cool. I still didn’t see the second one!

  2. John #

    I Heard the second one was a snooze fest.

  3. Johnnie #

    Cool special effects, story needs some help.

  4. Josue #

    I can’t believe Megan is going to return after all she said about Bay. Oh well I don’t care, she is nice on the eyes. I loved TF 1 and 2. Don’t care what people and critics say. Can’t wait to own part 2 on blu-ray.

  5. 5

    I haven’t seen the second one either. The critics kept me away, too. But I’m sure I will catch it on blu-ray, as well.

  6. Vanna #

    Yawn, I haven’t seen any of them and Megan Fox does nothing for me. Is that her real name? Is it just me or does anyone else wonder if maybe her agent stuck that name on her.

  7. Tom Elce #

    I’ve steered clear of Transformers 2 and will likely steer clear of a third movie – I might eventually catch them if and when they play on television (but won’t go out of my way to see them). I thought the first one was atrocious, but it was even worse the second time I saw it just a few months ago. With this and Armageddon, Bay’s one of the worst filmmakers I can think of.