Two Clips from ‘Super’


The regular guy turned vigilante super-hero has become a pretty popular theme for Hollywood movies in the last few years. Movies like “Kick-Ass” and “Defendor” brought all our geek fantasies to life, and I truly felt they were done right.

The clips below are for the upcoming movie “Super,” a comedy/super-violent superhero origin story (see our review of the movie HERE). The movie, which is directed by James Gunn (“Dawn of the Dead,” and “Slither”), is about a Frank D’Arbo, a cook and husband (Rainn Wilson) who decides to become a superhero called the Crimson Bolt when his wife (Liv Tyler) leaves him for a charming drug dealer (Kevin Bacon). Sounds interesting right? Gunn has been working on this project since 2003, as it all started with a short story he began writing, but after falling in love with the script, he just kept writing and writing.

In the clips below, we see Frank having to quick change into the Crimson Bolt after someone butts in front of a long line at a movie theater. Though it is a comical scene when he is changing into his Crimson Bolt outfit in his cramped car, the scene where he confronts the couple butting in line is rather violent and contains some expletives. This is why it’s listed as a red-band trailer (so it’s not safe for work or minors).

In the next clip, Crimson Bolt and Boltie (Ellen Page) are beating up some guy that apparently keyed Boltie’s car — but Boltie may be enjoying the beating a little to much and things seem to get out of hand.

It will be interesting to watch the character development of both Wilson and Page. They are the hero and sidekick in development. I also cant wait to watch Kevin Bacon as a drug dealer. All in all, there are various things that are of interest to me in this film. What do you think about it after watching those clips? Will this movie follow the lackluster path of recent regular guys turning heroes’ movies? Sound off in the comment section.

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