Under Review: ‘Opie Gets Laid’


The synopsis for “Opie Gets Laid” titles it an offbeat comedy and by all means that is the best way to describe it. The film’s one liners were very funny and it did have quite a few.

The film starts off by showing us what Opie (James Ricardo) does on a daily basis — which is pick up his pizza, donuts, burgers and fries. After gorging on his newly acquired food, he will break out the porn to do his daily … hobby.

One day, a girl named Thai (April Wade) gives a knock on the door asking for someone else and when he says that no one lives there by that name, she decides to let herself in. Through talking, she decides to help him with his women problems and by women problems, I mean weird dates. Opie tells Thai about his date with a girl whose parents were nudists and who in turn forced Opie to strip down. Opie, not too pleased with his date, hasn’t had many after that and that is where he pretty much is with his life.

So as Thai starts to help Opie, they end up on a dating Web site. Opie gets some calls from women, but ends up saying something to ruin the phone call, and all were quite funny. Such as: a women asked him if she looked fat in the picture on the site. Opie replied yes, but all dresses would do that.

Soon after, Thai sleeps with Opie and is extremely surprised at how good he is. A little later, there’s a knock on the door and in comes Thai’s lover, Dakota (Ute Werner), a blonde leather-clad woman who isn’t too happy with what is going on. Later, they all have dinner together, which doesn’t work out too well, but that doesn’t matter because later on Dakota gives a knock on the door and sleeps with Opie herself.

The two women break up and leave Opie to find another girl. He then goes back to the Web site, which leads him to the free-spirited, gun-toting Rain (Jesselynn Desmond) who falls for him right away and in turn goes to his loft to sleep with him. Thai and Dakota wind up coming back to him and all three decide to take turns sleeping with him on separate days.

The rest of the film should be seen as just about everything goes awry and Opie’s life isn’t what he wanted.

I would recommend “Opie Get’s Laid” to anyone with an appetite for an outrageous comedy that’s full of sexy, weird scenes that give this film a humorous charm. With James Ricardo (Opie) being the writer/director, he knew exactly what the movie should be and he pulled it off very well. The film was titled “Sunnyvale” during its film festival run and was the winner of the William Shatner Golden Groundhog Award for Best Underground Movie.

“Opie Get’s Laid” is available on DVD now. (Click here to see the trailer.)

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