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Under Review: ‘The Square’

— by MARIUSZ ZUBROWSKI — Greed is a powerful thing. It’s not surprising that greed runs people to various evils, including murder and deception. But what powers greed? It can be anything, but the most common instigator is money. Now, many films have been made about the topic but one th[...]

‘Iron Man 2’ Featurette: Villains

— by CAM SMITH — As I’ve surely stated in the past, I’m seriously pleased with Marvel’s approach to promoting “Iron Man 2” so far. They’ve veered refreshingly away from the uber-spoilery stuff (remember when they included the Tony Stark cameo in[...]

‘Batman Forever’: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1995)

— by CHAS BLANKENSHIP — For all the flack it tends to generate, Joel Schumacher’s “Batman” films are quite the progenitor of how comic book adaptations were perceived for the longest time. Films like Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man” movies, Tim Story’s “Fantastic Four” pictures[...]

Two Clips from ‘The Human Centipede’

— by H.G. WATSON — WARNING: You are now entering a “Human Centipede” post. Please leave any hang-ups, and your gag reflex, at the door. “The Human Centipede” is a horror film that’s attempting to set a new bar for gross-out human disfigurement. A German scie[...]

Under Review: ‘Casino Jack and the United States of Money’

— by BEV QUESTAD — The story about Jack Abramoff is not just a sad story of human failure, but a well-documented exposé of a capitalist democracy in trouble. Companies needing legislative favors, whether related to setting up Chinese sweatshops or deregulation of Wall Street, hire persu[...]

‘Batman Forever’: Original Motion Picture Score (1995)

— by CHAS BLANKENSHIP — By the mid ‘90s, studios and filmmakers alike felt that…at least to an extent…the symphonic score once resurrected by composers such as John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith had run its course. Audiences were getting larger. But, more importantly, they were gett[...]

‘Star Trek’: The Lack of Khan

— by CHRIS HYATT — When I heard the news a few years ago that a new version of “Star Trek” was coming out, I was a little skeptical. For starters, the recent wave of remakes on the large and small screens had, for the most part, been poorly done. The comic book movie wave [&h[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘High School’

— by RACHEL COYNE — After watching this very bizarre (and short) early trailer for “High School,” the only thing I know for sure is this: Adrien Brody can be really friggin’ scary when he wants to be. “High School” is apparently a comedy, though the teaser trailer makes it look[...]

If I Was Making … ‘Avatar 2’

— by BEN FOWLER — Now this one you have to tread carefully with. “Avatar” split audiences a little (not enough to stop it from becoming the highest grossing film of all time, though). Some felt the plot was very simplistic and even lifted straight from other popular eco-frien[...]

‘Green Hornet’ Delayed for 3D Conversion

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — The “Green Hornet” movie starring Seth Rogen, Cameron Diaz, Edward Furlong and Christoph Waltz, has experienced its share of speed bumps from the get-go. Instead of discussing all these trials it has encountered over the last year since its announcement, [...]

Under Review: ‘Under Great White Northern Lights’

— by MARIUSZ ZUBROWSKI — Whether it inspires you or simply makes you jump for joy, music is an important part of most people’s lives. Personally, I enjoy musicians such as The Beatles, Johnny Thunders, The Ramones and, of course, Bob Dylan. But perhaps my favorite band is the[...]

‘Inception’ Viral Video Released

— by BEN FOWLER — What a fascinating video! It really caught me off guard. I know the footage is labeled a “viral,” but the way it starts out, with Christopher Nolan himself interviewing the various talking heads, had me assuming they had maybe labeled the video[...]

‘Batman Forever’ (1995)

— by CHAS BLANKENSHIP — Conflicted by his thirst for justice and desire for happiness, Bruce Wayne finds redemption in orphaned acrobat Dick Grayson. Taking the boy in, the caped crusader forms an alliance with Robin the Boy Wonder…just in time to tackle the dual threat[...]

A Scene from the New ‘Shrek’ Movie

— by JESSIKA OWENS — As one chapter in one’s life closes, another opens, and sometimes people from our past come back into our lives and we are often surprised by the transformations they have taken. Walking into a high school reunion one may not even recognize some of the[...]