‘Inception’ Viral Video Released


What a fascinating video! It really caught me off guard. I know the footage is labeled a “viral,” but the way it starts out, with Christopher Nolan himself interviewing the various talking heads, had me assuming they had maybe labeled the video incorrectly. It starts off fairly tame and a little uninteresting (I felt that it was simply a little research video Nolan had done in pre-production on “Inception”) but then the intriguing information is introduced.

We know that Nolan’s latest movie is a sci-fi/action film set around the world of dreams and how they can be controlled and manipulated. I really don’t want to spoil the video for you IJMers, so any detail in this article is understandably scarce. But as the interviews go on, you begin to see the science fiction elements from the movie weave themselves into the genuine dream-related science-fact behind it all. The key word from this trailer that represents the story from “Inception” itself, and when things take an interesting turn in this video itself, is “lucid.”

“Inception,” directed by Nolan, stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Dom Cobb, an agent who heads a team which has technology that allows them to enter people’s mind through their dreams. He uses the technology to steal secrets and strategies from business tycoon’s minds and sells them off to the highest bidder. But when their latest heist goes wrong, Cobb and his team come under attack from a particularly nasty CEO-type (Ken Watanabe) who wants their technology for his own nefarious deeds.

“Inception” is due to be released July 16.

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  1. Adam P #

    I think that the concept of the movie ‘Inception’ is interesting and brilliant. Something not really seen before, im interested to see how it will be executed but this viral video doesnt really make my interest in the movie grow anymore.