A Clip From ‘Transylmania’


The movie audience has had way too many “fad” movies. Yet, as a whole, we still demand more. Vampires seem to be the current stop for the trend — thanks to Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” — and now we have “Transylmania.”

“Transylmania” is actually the follow up to the “National Lampoon’s: Dorm Daze” movies. This essentially provides us with three main ingredients that an audience no older than me (24) can’t seem to refuse: low-brow comedy, alcohol abuse and nudity. So this feature won’t appeal to all, but it’s target audience should be very satisfied.

This specific clip has a full dose of healthy college humor. When discussing Romanians and motorcycles, it’s only natural that pants begin to come off.

“Transylmania” opens Dec. 4.

Source: Trailer Addict

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  1. Dani #

    You never know.

  2. Cam Smith #

    No, but sometimes a hunch is enough.

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