A Scene from ‘When You’re Strange’


It has been 45 years since The Doors became a band, 39 years since Jim Morrison’s death, and 37 years since The Doors disbanded. After all this time, people still remain enamored with The Doors.

The new documentary “When You’re Strange” tells the life of The Doors with archival footage featuring Jim Morrison and narration by Johnny Depp. The band insists “When You’re Strange” is the true story of The Doors (not Oliver Stone’s “The Doors”).

The clip below shows a re-enactment of Morrison going to a gas station while Johnny Depp’s narration soliloquizes about postcards. A little later, “Morrison” gets in his car while the radio announces the idea that his death may be a hoax.

“When You’re Strange” has appeared at festivals getting mainly positive reviews. At first, the film’s director, Tom DiCillo, did the narration, but audiences found his tone to be too monotonous and in stepped Depp.

“When You’re Strange” is currently in limited theatres with more being added each week.

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