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Another Summer in Amity: 35 Years of Jaws Finale: Jaws: The Revenge

— by CAM SMITH — As unthinkable as it seems now, there was a point in time when a fourth “Jaws” film seemed like a good idea to someone. How and why is hard to determine, but it would seem that Universal decided, a few years after the release of “Jaws 3D,” that the cracks [&helli[...]

Another Summer In Amity: Day 4 — ‘Jaws 3-D’

— by CAM SMITH — Originally, during their development of a “Jaws 2” follow-up, executive producers Richard D. Zanuck and David Brown had a very different plan in regards to the direction a third series’ entry should take. The duo were of the opinion that audiences would[...]

Another Summer In Amity: 35 Years of ‘Jaws,’ Day 3 — Foreign Posters

— by CAM SMITH — As a motion picture, “Jaws” is packed to the gills with iconic characters and moments. Whether it is Brody facing down the shark with only a shotgun and an oh-so-slim chance of triumph, or Quint, atop the Orca’s viewing platform, quietly whistling in the twilight, [...]

Another Summer in Amity: 35 Years of ‘Jaws,’ Day 2 — ‘Jaws 2’

— by CAM SMITH — When Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws” became a surprise global phenomenon, it ensured two things – that the director would go on to bigger endeavors and that Universal would do its darndest to plague Amity with future great white shark problems. Thus, returning writer C[...]

Another Summer in Amity: 35 Years of ‘Jaws,’ Day 1 — ‘Jaws’

— by CAM SMITH — Hard to believe, but it was 35-years ago yesterday that director Steven Spielberg boldly made his formidable presence known to both Hollywood and audiences’ alike with a “perfect engine” of a crowd-pleaser; a film which forever changed the rules and practices of th[...]

Sequel Being Set Up for ‘The Karate Kid’

— by CAM SMITH — While this summer has been almost completely devoid of break-hit hits – Just ask “Prince of Persia,” “A-Team” and “Jonah Hex” – Harald Zwart’s “The Karate Kid” remake, starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, has proven to be something of a revelation;[...]

Will Sam Raimi Go Behind the Wizard’s Curtain?

— by CAM SMITH — Director Sam Raimi is in a really interesting place right now. Officially free of the heavy baggage of the “Spider-Man” franchise, following the implosion of the planned fourth entry, his name has been popping up quite a bit as of late in connection with costly fanta[...]

A First Look Behind the Scenes of ‘Thor’

— by CAM SMITH — For the life of me, I can’t understand why major studios feel it necessary to offer “Entertainment Tonight” exclusive first-look glimpses at their major motion picture offerings. Sure, I get that they’re probably easy to control and are a mega-popular mainstream [...]

‘Mortal Kombat’ Concept Trailer Unleashed

— by CAM SMITH — Like any young whippersnapper coming of age in the mid-’80s onwards, video games – predominantly Nintendo video games – played a considerable role in frequently stunting my development towards adulthood. I mean, jobs and responsibilities are a real gas and [...]

Keaton Would ‘Love’ to Do Another ‘Beetlejuice’

— by CAM SMITH — It’s hard not to feel a little bad for Michael Keaton. After all, he was once the mighty man behind the Bat-cowl, as well as the lively idiosyncratic star of smart adult-friendly gems like “Clean and Sober,” “The Paper” and “Mr. Mom.” Has any other bright t[...]

Original ‘Jaws’ Model Discovered

— by CAM SMITH — As we’re fast closing in on the 35th anniversary of Steven Spielberg’s classic thriller “Jaws,” now seems like an especially ideal time to pass on a pleasant story relating to its unforgettably iconic gilled star. After all, what’s summer-time without a gargant[...]

Captain America Concept Art Leaked

— by CAM SMITH — Although the wait preceding a first glimpse at any new comic character translated to film is always a bit of a chore, the build up to checking out Captain America’s trademark duds has been almost unbearably suspenseful. For unlike Spider-Man, Batman or Green Lantern[...]

Who Will be Cast in Spider-Man’s Web?

— by CAM SMITH — Things are going to be coming together soon in Spidey-land over the next couple months as the gears begin to catch and production of the dreaded-by-many “Spider-Man” reboot begins to slowly roll forward under the direction of “500 Days of Summer’s” Mark Webb. W[...]

Brendan Fraser Not Taking Another ‘Journey’?

— by CAM SMITH — Call me crazy, but these days Brendan Fraser doesn’t like the type to turn down an easy paycheck when it’s offered to him. “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor” and “Extraordinary Measures” seemed to prove this theory while the trailer for “Furry Vengeanc[...]